The company which produces our shoes was founded 40 years ago in a small village in southern Poland. They started as a small family business among many other alike companies in a neighbouring area. The firm steadily grew until they reached number 1 dress shoe exporter title in Poland’s footwear industry. The company always paid attention to the quality of their products. Let’s see what they told us about their code of practise:

We should choose manufacturers and tanners who use Polish and European raw materials. The leather used in shoe making industry should satisfy all European standards and ensure safety. It cannot contain any heavy metals such a lead, mercury, or nickel, which are dangerous to health. This applies to all elements of the shoes – from soles, through the leather, lining finishing with glue. Pay special attention to the lining – it has direct contact with our skin,” 

This attitude grants that the shoes we’re wearing will stand the highest requirements and ensure our satisfaction. We also asked about the manufacturing process. Here’s what they have to say:

“Let us choose domestically produced shoes because here we really have high-class specialists exporting their products all over the world. For 40 years, Conhpol has supplied shoes to Polish customers made in Poland, finished manually following a complex manufacturing process; before the shoes reach the end user the product is handled by as many as 70 individuals! What do they do? Well, among other things, they cut suitable materials, sew the uppers and lining, finish and stamp the lining, burn the threads, form the shape, stud, wax and polish the shoes. And it is all but a part of the many actions that needs to the performer to finish the shoes. So many people are involved to make sure that customers from Poland, Europe and other parts of the world can wear high quality, comfortable and beautiful shoes,”

We are so proud and excited that we will supply the highiest quality swing dress shoes for dancers. But not only dancers, regular users too! Those shiny cap toes and wingtips will serve every person who would like to choose quality and elegance!