Norma boots

When we decided to add womens boots to our inventory we had no idea that they would be such a hit. It was early 2019 when we introduced this new model named in honor of a great dancer Norma Miller. You might ask why do people dance in boots rather than in other types of footwear? This is a good question. Maybe it’s a matter of fashion but boots have some aces in their sleeves! Higher than others, they stabilize the foot and ankle, making your steps more confident. They also provide some ankle protection as well. It’s so easy to get kicked on a crowded dancefloor. And the boots will take some of the impact protecting your precious legs!

Needless to say that our boots have won the hearts of hundreds of Lindy Hop dancers around the globe. We introduced more and more colors, we made a bunch of custom made versions for individual dancers and even produced a special version with synthetic sole which is great for slippery floors. Even though we believe that the leather sole is the best, we know that sometimes floor can be too icy. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a backup pair of boots with a better grip. And now it doesn’t have to be sneakers! You can still do good and look good!

You can also use them as outdoor footwear without fear of damaging the soles!

special synthetic sole

Another addition is Norma Pinky – boots that are made of beautiful, shiny silver-pink leather.

Besides the awesome looks it has one more difference. It’s no longer a cap-toe. We dropped the seam in the front area to increase the comfort of the foot even more.

We are sure that this eye-catching version will let you truly shine on the dance floor.

New Boots coming in 2023

After collecting a feedback on our boots we decided to add another model to our boots family!
We found a new last which is slightly wider than Norma. They are equal in length but more spacious which means that some percentage of disappointed customers now have something to choose from!

New model is named Mabel after Mable Lee – a Swing Era artist active in 1940’s and 50’s.