Last year we decided to add some new menswear to our catalogue. In the early 2020 we have produced some new and elegant waistcoats. They were all designed and handmade sewn by Basia, our founder. She is keen on details and quality, so whatever she touches tuns into masterpiece. You can choose from wide range of colours and sizes. The fabric we use is always high quality: wool, linen, cotton and sil blends and no polyester lining. We use only viscose lining for our vests.
What you see on the picture is not all we have. If you’re interested in buing one, please send us your chest size so we can present you the pieces which will fit your size. For some more information how to wear waistcoats or vests check out this waistcoat guide by Gentleman’s Gazette

But waistcoats is not the only garment we added to men’s catalogue. Next thing is the new Merino Cardigan. Why merino wool? It is one of the best worsted for this kind of knitwear. It is very soft, so it doesn’t itch you all the time. It is also very warm – perfect for cold winter days. We chose three beautiful colors from the supplier’s catalogue. The prototype cardigan was tested by Greg for the whole winter and finally, in spring, the first batch of cardigans arrived. Little late for the winter, but still, ready for season 2021/2022. If you want some more tips about men’s knitwear check out this sweater guide by the Gentleman’s Gazette.
Lastly, we have plans to add new women’s jumpers soon. Stay tuned!