New features

In 2023 we introduced couple of new models of shoes for swing dancers. One of them is Tommy. This new model is similar in sizing as our flagship: Frankie, however it’s a different approach to a dance shoe. Tommy is not oxford style anymore. It has a different method of lacing (derby) and it has different shape with more square toebox than Frankie. This style and shape meakes it more spacious in the toe area. Dancers with this kind of feet shape, wider in toes will feel the difference. We put a lot of attention to comfort. That’s why we put super soft padding into the shoe. We used the same material for soles, but this time we used thicker and wider edge to protect the precious shoes from scratches and damage.


New features of this model make impact on it’s overall appearance. They are more bulky and robust, but we still find them very beautiful. This is quite a unique shoe among other swing dance shoes. Tommy can be used for Lindy Hop but Balboa is where they really shine. If you need good looking shoes but you prefer less formal style, and looking for comfortable more casual shoes – Tommy shoes are for you.