Size chart

How to choose the right size of shoes?

1. Place a piece of paper near the wall.

2. Place your foot on a sheet of paper, sticking your heel to the wall.

3. Mark the measurement at the farthest part of the foot.

4. Measure the exact length from the wall and check in the table below

5. If your feet are for example 27.5 cm men, choose size 43. If your feet are very narrow then probably 42 will fit better.

Please note that the following tables are intended only as a guide and we don’t guarantee that the shoes will fit you perfectly. Shoes can sometimes differ from model to model and everybody has different feet, so make your decision based on your own experience. If the chart shows you the size you never wear, just stick to your regular size (doesn’t apply to balboa loafers!!!) 

Important: for men’s Balboa Loafers always take one size smaller than chart says!

For example: your feet are 25,5 cm long and your size would be 40, but for Balboa Loafers it’s 39!

If you have doubts please measure your feet and Contact us.

Men’s sizes
Foot lenght in cm252626.627.22828.629.43030.6
Foot lenght in inches9.8510.2410.4810.7211.0311.2711.5811.8212.06

Important: for men’s Balboa Loafers always take one size smaller!

Women’s sizes
Foot lenght in cm22.52323.724.425.125.826.527.2
Foot lenght in inches8.879.069.349.619.8910.1710.4410.72