Shipping countries and prices


Paczkomat Inpost 15 PLN

Kurier 20 PLN

free shipping* for orders over 800 PLN

Germany 12 €

Free shipping* for orders over 200 €

Other countries are devided into several zones. Check below to see your country current shipping fee. We use different parcel service companies depending on their pricing. Deliveries in EU would take approximately 5 to 8 business days. Outside EU: 2-4 weeks

Zone 1 – 16 EUR

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,  Hungary, Netherlands, Ukraine, Luxembourg

Free shipping* for orders over 270 EUR

Zone 2 – 21 EUR

Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy,Ireland, Estonia,  Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania,  Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia

Free shipping* for orders over 270 EUR

Zone 3

Norway, United Kingdom =24 EUR

Delivery by Mail (2-6 weeks)

Zone 4

United States of America, Canada

Express (1 -2 weeks) 49 USD,
Postal package (2-8 weeks) 25 USD

Switzerland, Turkey

Express (1 week) 190 PLN (45 EUR)

South Korea, Japan

Express (1-2 weeks) 280 PLN (67 EUR)


Standard (2 weeks) 190 PLN (45 EUR)

Express (1 week) 260 PLN (62 EUR)

Australia, New Zealand

Postal package (2-8 weeks) 150 PLN (50 AUD)

FedEx (1-2 weeks) 250 PLN (84 AUD)

Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates

Express (1-2 weeks) 300 PLN (84 USD)

Free shipping* for orders over 2000 PLN (476 EUR/560 USD)

If your country is not on the list, please contact us to find out the shipping costs!

*free shipping doesn’t apply if you return some items and the remaining part of the order doesn’t exceed the minimum for free shipping allowance