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Category - Guide

Lindy Hop boots

Guide, News

When we decided to add womens boots to our inventory we had no idea that they would be such a hit.

Taking care of your shoes


Now you got your new pair of shoes. They look pretty, nice and shiny. You take them for a first walk or a dance and after some time you discover they don’t shine that much anymore. You see…

How to match dress shoes with your outfit


We often ask this question when choosing a new, elegant footwear. The answer is not simple, it all depends on the type of suit, its colour or even the circumstances in which we put on a suit. Among…

Shoes Size Chart


Size chart How to choose the right size of shoes? 1. Place a piece of paper near the wall. 2. Place your foot on a sheet of paper, sticking your heel to the wall. 3. Mark the measurement…