leather dress shoes

It’s been 6 months since our last post. A lot has happened during that time. A lot of good things of course. We have traveled across the Europe: Brno, Berlin, Oslo, Rome, Turin, Ljublana, Maribor, Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow. We’ve met old friends and found the new ones. We’re happy for every smile we received and grateful for every word of appreciacion from our clients.

Now, what’s new? First of all we introduced couple of new men’s shoes variations. The new brown and white wingtips which we call Casino. Then light brown brogued cap toes, the Duke! All new men’s models now have full leather heel, just as most of the dancers prefer. Also, we expand our size range up to 46! It’s for you big guys! But that’s not all, we are working on a new model – the boots! And they are just marvellous! They should arrive by the end of June.

What about girls then? Well, we’re working at some new stuff too. First we managed to get the first batch of our beutiful boots – model Norma. They came in light green colour and immediately were sold out. It took us only 2 weeks to sell every last pair of them! Now we’re preparing the next batch, and this time they’ll come in more variety of colours! We’ll still have green though. Next comes the women’s brogued oxford made of plain leather. That one will come a little bit later.

As for the clothes, we’re quite busy designing the garments – new trousers, silky blouses and finally, the dresses! They are going to be awesome! We can’t wait to see them finally come from the workshop. Guys, will have some new clothes to wear too. However we do just a small number of trousers and vests, so we don’t sell it through the website. Find us at the festivals or check our Fb page from time to time to get a look at them.

That should wrap up the last 6 months. Now we’re ready to see what comes next. First stop – Glasgow Shag Festival.