If you are a woman and you want to dress up nicely and in style, there’s a plenty of way to do that. But if you’re a man, that’s the whole different story.  Modern fashion industry offers almost nothing that has this vintage 1940’s vibe. You can always go to the tailor, right? But how many tailors would take that kind of order? And how much would it cost you?

I had the same problem. I used to buy modern clothes and tried to make them look at least a little bit like old style. But it was all wrong. Wrong fabrics, wrong cuts… just a substitute.

I think those days are over, or soon they will be. We would like to present our new vintage men’s set. After many trials and experiments we finally found the perfect pattern for a start of men’s Swing It line.

What do you think about that. Would you wear this? Would you order a trousers and a vest like that?

Let us know in the comments or write to us on shop@swing-it.eu.