It is a fact, that our world is rapidly changing in front of our eyes because of COVID-19 outbreak. It also massively affects our little (or not so little) swing world. All of us are affected in some way. Schools stopped regular dance lessons, weekly socials are suspended. Organizers canceled or rescheduled their events for some better times. Teachers, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians are suddenly out of work and trapped at their homes. Global economy is shaking and many of us are worried about the future.

We don’t know exactly when things go back to normal, but we’re pretty sure, that they will finally do. We are crossing fingers for all of you out there and waiting for the opportunity to see each other sooner than later.

Meanwhile we’re trying to do whatever we can to use that time for a little reset. We’re working on our self-developement, strenghtening our bodies and minds.

Stay positive, stay strong and see you soon on a dancefloor!

Basia and Grzegorz (Swing it team)

P.S. We can’t wait to show you new stuff that we are working on during that sudden break 馃檪